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Nether Vortex

Nether Vortex
Nether Vortex
Binds when picked up
Use: Recipe
Requires Level 70
Vendor value: 2
Origin: Drop

Nether Vortex - Wow Items: Nether Vortex Information.

Nether Vortex Drops

Bloodwarder Vindicator (8.4%)Tempest Keep71
Crystalcore Mechanic (5.8%)Tempest Keep7071
Tidewalker Warrior (4.9%)Serpentshrine Cavern71
Greyheart Tidecaller (4.5%)Serpentshrine Cavern71
Greyheart Nether-Mage (4.3%)Serpentshrine Cavern71
Coilfang Serpentguard (4.2%)Serpentshrine Cavern71
Coilfang Priestess (3.4%)Serpentshrine Cavern, Coilfang Reservoir71
Coilfang Shatterer (2.9%)Serpentshrine Cavern, Coilfang Reservoir71

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Subject: Drop
Posted: Admin
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Post: -03-14 /3-14 13/2007-03-1 2: 13:01: PM
Comment: Drop from heroic 25 man instances, around 1-3 a run, random drops, make sure to have loot master on because they are just as likely to drop in ur first pull as they are in any other.
Subject: used in
Posted: Farming
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Post: -03-06 /3-06 10/2007-03-0 06 10:1: 10:14: AM
Comment: 375 leatherworking, tailoring, blacksmithing epic items?
Subject: what's this
Posted: DoranM
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Post: -02-27 /2-27 08/2007-02-2 15: 08:15: PM
Comment: what this work for?

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