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Primal Nether

Primal Nether
Primal Nether
Binds when picked up
Use: Recipe
Vendor value: 1 60
Vendor cost: 2 40
Origin: Vendor, Drop

Primal Nether - Wow Items: Primal Nether Information.

Primal Nether Drops

Warlord Kalithresh (6.7%)The Steamvault7172
Harbinger Skyriss (6.7%)The Arcatraz7172
Pathaleon the Calculator (6.0%)The Mechanar7172
Warp Splinter (5.4%)The Botanica7072
Murmur (5.1%)Shadow Labyrinth7172
Aeonus (4.7%)The Black Morass7172
Warchief Kargath Bladefist (4.6%)The Shattered Halls7072
Talon King Ikiss (2.6%)Sethekk Halls69
Quagmirran (2.6%)The Slave Pens64
Omor the Unscarred (0.3%)Hellfire Ramparts62

Primal Nether Vendors

G'eras(Badge of Justicex10)Shattrath City72
G'eras Vindicator(2g40s&x10)Shattrath City70

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