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Essence of Air

Essence of Air
Essence of Air
Auction House Price:
2 16 (21 62 for 10)
Use: Recipe
Cost to make: 1 25
Vendor value: 4
Vendor cost: 16
Origin: Recipe, Vendor, Drop

Essence of Air - Wow Items: Essence of Air Information.

Essence of Air Drops

The Windreaver (54.3%)Silithus60
Cyclone Warrior (2.3%)Silithus5759
Whirling Invader (12.6%)Silithus5758
Enraged Air Spirit (1.8%)Shadowmoon Valley6970
Living Cyclone (1.3%)Nagrand6567
Dust Stormer (1.0%)Silithus5557
Storming Wind-Ripper (0.7%)Nagrand6971
Dust Howler (0.7%)Nagrand6365
Storm Rager (0.6%)Nagrand6466
Huricanian (0.1%)Silithus58

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